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It’s one thing to be persecuted for righteousness’ sake. It’s altogether another thing to neglect loving your neighbor for “persecution’s sake.” You usually catch people doing this when they’re too lazy or don’t feel equipped to battle unrighteousness. Today I’m mainly talking about the particular aggression of the LGBT agenda and the tail-between-the-legs response that a lot of people are taking when they’re “acting in love.”

The weak of heart or simple of mind think that the Christian response to this nonsense is to “act in love” or “suffer persecution for righteousness sake.” The use of cliches without a proper understanding of what they imply simply displays their incompetence to do either. Letting the liberal LGBTs bully society isn’t suffering for righteousness sake and it’s not loving to allow those abuses to happen to your community or to the individual persons who are in self-destruct mode. Actually, it’s allowing unrighteousness for self-righteousness sake. Such people are acting as if they can justify themselves before men by their “love.” They’re worried about what the world will think of them and how they justify themselves in the world by what they do, or not do.

They are as a sounding gong, though, because they do not have any real love despite the fact they are always talking about it. If their actions and opinions were truly motivated by a love for their neighbor they would not tolerate such blatant abuses of natural law, manipulation of the human virtue, and the slow destruction of order within society (in regards to the institution of marriage).

To love is to pursue the good of the object of your love. Such pursuit is not possible without knowledge of what is “good” for the object. When we discover the highest good for man we must pursue that in all diligence because we love ourselves and we understand that the completion of man is attained through the fulfillment of his highest good. We want to be complete. We want our highest good. Therefore, in order to love other human beings we must desire and make every effort that they attain their highest good.

Supposedly we Christians are supposed to have a leg up on this (insofar as the highest good for man is complete communion with God). That being said we should be even more conscious of the gravity of the situation. We should be more conscious of how homosexuality is harmful to those who engage in it, it’s harmful to the family, and it’s harmful to society. The entirety of society is effected negatively when homosexuality is allowed to go unchecked. That’s a lot of harm and anti-human good going on just so a small minority of sick people can continue to self-destruct.

The righteous thing to do is to call homosexuality what it is. And it’s much more complex than saying “THAT’S A SIN!” We must point out that it is antithetical to human nature, an enemy of human flourishing, and a destroyer of order (which is sin, but it’s just an actual understanding of what it is and does). It’s detrimental to individual persons and it’s detrimental to community. If I love those individual persons and I love my community then I will not fear opposition, even their opposition, when I seek their highest good. Why is that? Because love is entirely concerned with the object’s good and not its approval.